• AddressVoutadon 42, Athens, 11854
  • AddressVoutadon 42, Athens, 11854

Tango Mafia Milonga – 23/05/2024

Join us for an unforgettable night at Tango Mafia!
This Thursday at 21:00, we welcome the renowned DJ Giggio Giovanni from Argentina. Enjoy an evening of mesmerizing tango music on the stunning rooftop of Omikron2, with breathtaking views of Athens. Don’t miss this special event!
About him:
Deeply in love with music and movement, coming from a family of musicians, Giggio Giovanni dances tango for over 28 years, teaches for more than 25.
He lived in Buenos Aires until 2006 when he started travelling teaching and DJing around the world, sharing his unique dance style based mainly in improvisation and musicality, dynamic and quality of movement.
His DJ sets, always created “live” (chosen at the moment according to the dynamic of the dance floor and the atmosphere of the event) consist of carefully selected tandas of the golden decade as well as the best and most dancing tangos valses and milongas of all times, in the very style of Buenos Aires milongas.